Are you voting Vlijmscherp?

Are you also voting for ‘Fractie Vlijmscherp’ (Political Group razor-sharp) during the elections of the student council of the Hogeschool Utrecht? Let us know! Not only Dutch students are allowed to vote but also the international students have the right to let their voice be heard. That is why we are stressing your right to vote for one of the student council parties from the 11th until the 18th of May.

About us

We plead for education that is centred on the student. De Hogeschool Utrecht should be a place where you can develop yourself, where it should not matter if this development takes place during or alongside your studies. Unfortunately, it seems like the Hogeschool Utrecht views performance and achievements as more important than the development of an individual. Vlijmscherp (Razor-sharp) is absolutely against this perspective and will do everything to prevent this.

Points of view

  • Being active besides your studies and self-development
  • Student wellbeing
  • More study places
  • Exams and testing
  • Improved digital learn and hand in space

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